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This is a movie post.

New layout!!! You like?

I decided to stay in Nashville for an extra week so I can do some fun things like see Fellini's 8 1/2 this weekend and do more record/art shopping but I'm hoping I won't regret this decision due to my grandparents being kind of crazy right now.  

Anyways, I saw Nine last night.  It was fabulous in certain parts, but such a hot mess.  I enjoyed some of the music but Daniel Day Lewis was terribly miscast and all I could think of when I watched him was that it was Daniel Day Lewis desperately trying to play a charming womanizer and his character had to be one of the most hateful characters in film right now.  Marion Cotillard was lovely though and one of the few actors in it who actually made you believe and sympathize with her character.   I liked Nicole Kidman too... But some of the songs were just out of place and unnecessary (although everything about the film was gorgeous) with Fergie's and Marion's songs being the only memorable ones.  Overall I'd say see it, but it's really not worthy of any awards other than the acting from Marion.

I'm also kind of warming to the idea of seeing Avatar after all of the hype surrounding it, but honestly I'm just not as excited about award season this year and I'm ALWAYS excited for it.  It's just been a disappointing year for films.  Other than Jennifer's Body and 500 Days of Summer there was no movie I saw that just completely blew the right side of my brain off.  And all of the films coming out as Oscar bait just seem pretentious and smug, and there's no one I like in any of the films. So disappointing. 

Has anyone seen anything good recently?  There's nothing out right now I'm just DYING to see so please fill me in if you know of anything.
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